Cigna Global Announces Opening Of New Shanghai Service Center


Shanghai cityscape

Cigna logo color_HORZ_01_trasparentCIGNA GLOBAL‬ is Expanding their service capabilities

Cigna Global is excited to announce the opening of a second global service hub in Shanghai, China from January 2016.

This will expand their service capabilities as we’ll be able to provide 24/7 claims, customer and broker servicing worldwide. It also provides a more localized solution for customers in thier Asia Pacific markets.

Watch out for more details coming soon, as we are confirming the exact opening date.




About Timothy Jennings
Based in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I have worked in both the Domestic and International markets for most of my adult life. During the past four years the United States has seen a complete change in direction when it comes to accessing health care and obtaining mandated health insurance coverage. I have been an agent selling in the U.S. markets for more than 30 years. Today I work exclusively serving the needs of our International health insurance clients. If you are outbound or inbound to the United States I can help guide you through the process of selecting proper International Cover that is right for your family.

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