A Field Guide to Australia’s Deadliest Creatures – Mapping Megan…

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A Field Guide to Australia’s Deadliest Creatures…


mappingmegan_03It’s a popular meme, “come to Australia, you might accidentally get killed“, and while granted, we do have more deadly snakes than any other country in the world, and over 2,000 species of spider, it’s not exactly like we have wild lions, tigers, elephants, grizzly bears or hippopotamus roaming around!

True, Australia is probably the only place on earth you’ll ever see a python swallow a salt water crocodile whole. And we do have a snail that can fire a poison dart. Though realistically, you’re more likely to be eaten by a domestic cat than by a shark, and bees pose more of a threat throughout Australia than our spiders do…even though it’s the spiders who seem to incite more fear among visitors to our very foreign shores.

I’ve found it’s generally the Americans I meet who worry that my life must constantly be under threat, and for that I partially blame Steve Irwin, though, dear America, the majority of our creatures would rather slide or crawl away before they killed you. In LA, you have wild animals which hunt and eat you! “You better have a good pair of running shoes and a stun gun if you go for a walk in the bush” says Peter Mitchell.

In the US “you’ve got cougars who stalk joggers and mountain bikers, leap out of the bush and wrap their jaws around the human prey’s head, grizzly bears who are known to sniff around backyards looking for dinner, and coyotes who come down into urban areas and snatch your pet pooch…

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