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The Time We Faced Near Death in Alaska + The Deal With Insurance Should You “Not Return Home…

mappingmegan_03Every-time I hear One Republic’s “I Lived“, I can’t help but cry. Which is awkward when it comes over the radio and you’re in the car with friends. Or traveling via public transport surrounded by strangers.

But with everything I’ve accomplished in life, every obstacle I’ve proved could be overcome, every dream I’ve made a reality, and everything I have managed to achieve, if one song were to speak to me it would be this.

And while traveling through Alaska recently in June, there came a night where we genuinely thought our moment had come. It wasn’t until that night, where we faced the possibility of not waking up the next morning, that I realized I wasn’t afraid of death. And that’s largely due to travel.

Sure, there’s still a lot more of the world to see, and while I’m not overly keen to leave this world having died young, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t feel ripped off it came. Upon reflection, if death came knocking on my door, I could say with absolute honesty “I swear I’ve lived”…

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