Study Abroad – Pre Departure Checklist…

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Pre Departure Checklist:  Everything You Need to Organize Before Leaving to Study Abroad…

Megan & Mike Jerrard

Student exchange is one of the most worthwhile experiences available in colleges and universities today, though preparing to study abroad isn’t something which happens overnight.  Between updating your passport, researching your new destination, sorting out your finances and many other little “to-dos”, the planning involved before your departure can often take a few months – a lot more preparation goes into studying abroad than simply packing a quick suitcase the night before.

Though that’s not to mean you should be discouraged – studying abroad will without a doubt rank as one of the most amazing experiences of your life, and while your list of “to-dos” may appear long to begin with, most of the time it’s the case of being full with small, but very important items.

Use the following pre-depature checklist and you’ll be fine – this is a list of everything you need to organize before leaving to study abroad…

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