Dealing with Emergencies While Hiking Abroad…

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Dealing with Emergencies While Hiking Abroad – How to Treat Snakebite…

Megan & Mike Jerrard

Whether you’re hiking through the Arizona desert, trekking through the Amazon, or perhaps exploring the tropics of Northern Queensland where pythons have been known to swallow Australian crocodiles whole, chances are you may come into contact with a snake at some point during your trip.

And, after having stepped on a venomous cottonmouth in Florida, watched as a boa wrapped itself around our camera tripod recently in Joshua Tree (see featured image above!), and aggravated a deadly rattlesnake in Arizona, trust us, we would definitely know!

Snakes are found all throughout the world except for Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland and New Zealand, so unless you’re limiting your travel to these destinations only, it’s important for every avid hiker to be prepared with …

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