Rates Not Available Yet for Open Enrollment 2014…

Affordable Care Act Enrollments – No Rates Yet

It is important to note that as of this date rates for the upcoming Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) Open Enrollment period have not been released yet by any insurer that we know of.  We do not anticipate rates being released until the end of this month (October) if even then. The first day you can enroll will be November 15th for an effective date of January 1st, 2015.  Then you only have until February 15, 2015.

The CBO is estimating that as many as 13 million Americans will be enrolled by the end of this enrollment period.  For those  people with existing ACA coverage – these people have the right to make changes during this enrollment window as well.  Point here is do not leave this matter until the last-minute like so many did this past enrollment window.  Many are anticipating problems with the government links again as some limited reporting is saying they are not sure if the previous problems with healthcare.gov will be corrected in time.

START EARLY is the word being bantered around.  If you contact us early we will email you quotes as soon as rates become available.  Complete the form below and as soon as rates are available in your area we will send you your rates via your email address.  Once the Enrollment Period opens November 15th you can enroll online from the quotes we email you.  Shop online:www.individualhealth.com...


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